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Okay~ So, for fun, we're doing Themes each week since I'm a poor, busy college student and can't manage all my clubs every single day--.

Every Monday a new theme will be posted via THIS JOURNAL. And since the time of my posting of a new Theme may not be the exact same time every single day, and this is just for fun, THERE IS NO REQUIRED DUE DATES~ Woot~

Rules: (Yes, rules are required. It's a sad must-)

You can do a theme from the previous week at any time. The every week thing is really just when I post a new theme and you can look at it.

There's no due date. Do whatever theme that's posted up on the journal, whenever you want.

SUGGEST THEMES. If there is a theme you want to do, and wish to share to see what others do with it, SUBMIT VIA NOTE. You can submit it to either the club or to my personal account: :iconlavolpefemmina:. The note MUST be labelled Sacred Theme Suggestion or Sacred Theme or Sacred Club Suggestion or something along those lines.

Any questions, please feel free to ask either by note or by comment on this journal. I don't bite, I promise.

Yaoi/Boy Love is allowed, naturally. Anything hardcore must have the proper mature contents, etc.

MPreg: No. Sorry, but no. I do enjoy it (sometimes/most times), but I actually think I made it a club rule that there will be No MPreg. So no asking on it. HOWEVER. If you have a piece of artwork that, originally, had been during the early stages of said MPreg-ness, and he doesn't show and it doesn't even remotely look like he's pregnant, and it fits the theme, then send me a link via note to my personal dA account with the title "Theme Week, maybe?" and give me your argument on why you think it should be allowed into the gallery. This is also for the other folders.

No sex. I mean, yes, yaoi and boy-love is allowed, but if you are DRAWING a picture- for the love of god-- NO SEX. I'll die from either laughing and crying in embarrassment or from laughing my ass off in amusement.

American holidays will be themes. If there are any foreign holidays you'd like to have for a week, suggest via note like any other suggestion. Even though Sacred doesn't take place in any designated Country (thatweknowof--), I see no problem of having world-wide holidays. But, since I'm American-- Please? o3o

So, anymore questions--? No? Very well then...

Themes Week starts NOW.


Week of Monday, March 12, 2012
Theme 1: Saint Patrick's Day
123REN321 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2012
I like this idea :D
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Submitted on
March 12, 2012